I don’t need to tell you why you need to use a drone in your video. Its pretty obvious. I mean, just look at this view.



To legally use a drone in Australia, you need to abide by certain laws outlined by CASA. These Laws have changed in late 2016 allowing drone operators with drones with a mass of 2kg or less to fly commercially without a license.


Can you film drone footage for me?


As my drone is under 2kg, I operate for commercial purposes while abiding by the following rules and regulations described by case under the SOC (standard operating conditions. They are as follows:

  • You must only fly during the day and keep your RPA within visual line-of sight.

  • You must not fly your RPA higher than 120 metres (400ft) AGL.

  • You must keep your RPA at least 30 metres away from other people.

  • You must keep your RPA at least 5.5km away from controlled aerodromes.

  • You must not fly your RPA over any populous areas. These can include: beaches, parks and sporting ovals.

  • You must not fly your RPA over or near an area affecting public safety or where emergency operations are underway (without prior approval).

  • This could include situations such as a car crash, police operations, a fire and associated firefighting efforts and search and rescue.

  • You can only fly one RPA at a time.


If your drone needs fit within these requirements get in touch today for a quote!

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